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Anonymous asked: Hi Galloway Cat Clinic, I recently returned to Los Angeles and live with my 4-yr old cat, Cheetos, in Long Beach. I have some questions: 1) What is the procedure for taking in new patients? Or do you have room to take on another patient? Cost for visit? 2) Cheetos has an anal gland situation that he needs expressed. Do you have anyone who does this kind of work? If so, what is the cost? 3) May I visit the clinic? Thank you, Joanne Shinohara (310) 804-7493/ cat's name = Cheetos.

Hello, we are so sorry to say this, but we are not allowed to go over treatment cost without seeing the patient. Plz, call us at the clinic for further information. -Galloway Cat Clinic

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Anonymous asked: Hello, I recently adopted a 5 mo kitten. She's great but suuuuuper clingy, it makes it difficult to walk in my apt w/out stepping on her, & also difficult to do much else around my place (cooking, cleaning, getting dressed). Any suggestions? Also is there anything I can use on my couches & counters to keep her from scratching them or climbing on the counters? Please advise

Hello ! Thank you for visiting our website and congratulations on your new family.
1) Some cats really follow people a lot wherever they go. I still step on my 7 year old cat when I am not watching my feet. It never happens with my 4 year old cat. It is related to the cat’s personality , but plz, make sure you have a schedule to have her fixed soon. Some female cats get into their first heat as early as 4 months old and things will get a lot worse.
2)Cats are natural jumpers and it’s really hard to stop them from jump ing on dinner table. However, if you offer replacement, such as cat tree, on top of bookcase, so that cats can find their favorite place up there, they less likely go to other places. You can try toys, cat nips, good bed in those area to attract the kitties. I am sure kitty will find her favorite spot.
3) If kitties still scratch couches, chairs when they have a scraching post, put double side tape on the trouble spots of the couch until she learns it was very unpleasantly sticky.
-Galloway Cat Clinic

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Anonymous asked: My 5 year old indoor male cat appears to have worms. He's not been to see a vet since he was a kitten and I treat him for fleas every few months. The only reason I know he has worms is because I see the little rice like strings on his fur near his butt. Is it safe to treat him on my own with one of the pet store products, or do you feel it's best to bring him in for an appointment? And I also have a 2 year old female cat but she shows no signs of worms. Should she be treated too just in case?

Hello !
If the kitties are acting fine and you just noticed worms (tape worms from fleas), ok to treat with praziquantel 23mg tab we which you may find at a pet supply store. Topical flea meds last no more than 3 weeks and it is important to treat house with boric acid white powder from home depot. All kitties at home and other pets should be treated for fleas and tapes at the same time. - Galloway Cat Clinic

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Anonymous asked: In the near future, I need to take flight with my 3 cats in cabin. The total travle hours is about 5 hours (including 3 hours flight time). Is your clinic provide them medicine for calming during their trip?

Yes, we have many clients flying with their cats. We don’t always recommend med . If cats do have anxiety with any car ride / flight before, then we dispense med after physical exam. But if you think they are not very anxious cats, try feliway plug in and spray at home several days before the travel and if they calm down a lot, they may not need medication. Plz, don’t forget to put thick towel in their carrier for any urine/ bowel accident along with trash bags. Plz, check airline requirememt to make sure they don’t need rabies certificate.
We wish you good luck on your travel.
- Galloway Cat Clinic

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Anonymous asked: Do you offer ultrasound for cats? Can you give me an estimated cost? Thank you and enjoy your day. BD

We do use ultrasound everyday. However, I am so sorry we cannot release medical plan without exam over internet. - Galloway Cat Clinic