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About our Dental Package

At Galloway Cat Clinic, we offer an all-inclusive dental package to take care of your cat’s teeth. It is probably the most important procedure you can do for your pet! We humans can brush our teeth everyday, and even with regular flossing and mouth wash we still go to the dentist at least twice a year! Cats have teeth too, and they need the same level of care and attention we give our own. Their tiny mouths are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and tarter to build, and it happens quickly. This can cause severe infection of the gums as well as tooth decay and even tooth loss. Some cats have a penchant for chewing on things they shouldn’t and can hurt or even fracture teeth. Imagine your kitty in terrible pain and unable to tell you his mouth hurts. Some signs something may be going on in your baby’s mouth are bad breath, a change in eating habits (they will avoid eating to avoid pain), and drooling. If you open your cat’s mouth (don’t hurt yourself checking!), you may also notice redness of the gums, dark or yellow build-up along the gum line, a chipped tooth or even bleeding. Any of these signs are important to note and mention at your vet visit.

If you bring your kitty to see Dr. Son she will be able to tell whether your cat is due for a dental and can recommend proper follow-up care too. Here at Galloway, our dental package is designed to be convenient for both you and your pet. Your cat will receive:

  • A comprehensive exam (Full physical, oral exam, eye exam, and blood pressure check.)
  • Nail trimming
  • Full Panel Blood work (to make sure they can handle the anesthesia and screen for any other underlying condition)
  • Urinalysis (to check for any crystals in the urine or signs of infection)
  • Catheter for IV fluids
  • Anesthesia/ Oxygen during the procedure
  • Full mouth dental x-rays (To check the roots for signs of rotting.)
  • Any amount of tooth extractions are included, from just one to all!
  • Tooth scaling and polishing beneath the gum line
  • Pain and antibiotic injections during the procedure
  • Vital sign monitoring
  • Regular/medicated bath after the procedure
  • Oral pain medicine to go home
  • Follow up exam 2 weeks later is also included

Once you schedule a dental cleaning with us, we usually split your appointment up into 2 different visits. The initial visit is when we get to know you and your cat, talk to you about any health concerns and give you all the information you may need. We will also take the necessary blood and urine samples to make sure your cat is healthy enough for the procedure. Once we have those results, we will have you drop off your cat on the morning of the dental. The procedure takes only an hour or so, but we like to keep them a few hours after the anesthesia to make sure they are fully awake to go home. The earliest pick-up time is usually 3:00 pm and the latest is 5:30 pm (Monday-Friday). We can also do dentals on Saturday, in which case the latest pick-up time is 3:30.

That’s it for our Dental Package! If you have any questions at all concerning dental care or are interested in scheduling your dental appointment, feel free to call us during our regular office hours. We hope to hear from you soon! 

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